Fwd: Gymnastics

Make our bodies into shapes and perform rolls

In PE this term we have been doing gymnastics, we have been learning to make our bodies into shapes like the pike, straddle, straight, and tuck.
We have also been learning to do the rolls - pencil, hedgehog, elephant and forward.

Out next step is to put these together and make a sequence.

Some of these rolls can be very tricky it is great to see how hard we are all working at making the shapes and following instructions.


WALT Sing our songs for production

To practice our songs for assembly we have been getting together as Year 2s and 3s and singing as a group.

We have learned about how to sit, how to open our mouths wide and how to use the air in our lungs to make our singing as loud as we can.

We will know we have succeded when we can sing our songs with energy and enthusiasm.

We are sounding better every time and are slowlly remembering the words, production is going to be fantastic.