I am learning to: Write and Publish a poem.

I can do this when I can :

Describe myself using a range of different words including adjectives.
Read my poem with a clear voice at the right speed and noise level.

Next Step : Write a  Bio poem about one of your family members or a pet.


I am learning to: Write to describe.
I can do this when I can:
- Write sentences that talk about what is happening in the photo.
- Write sentences that make sense.
- Use verbs (doing words) in the right place.
- Use punctuation correctly.
- Write in detail.

My next step is to proofread my work carefully.


We are learning to: recall addition and subtraction facts in 3 seconds or under.

We play a game with dice. Two people roll a dice at the same time. They then have to add or subtract the numbers on the two dice. The winner gets to challenge another person in the circle.

We have noticed that we are getting faster at recalling our basic facts.

Our next step is to have a practice at home with dice or on mathletics.