My Bean

WALT:  Plant a bean, look after it and explain how it will grow.

Success criteria:
Using the right materials to plant our bean
Keep a journal on my bean.
Water my bean and take care of it.


WALT: write a character description

Success criteria:

  • use interesting words to make a picture in the reader's mind.
  • write about what the person looks like
  • write about what the person does (actions)
  • Write about what kind of person they are (personality)

Libby And The Spiky Cactus

WALT: Write a fairytale in our own words.
Success Criteria:

  1. Orientation - who (characters), what, where (setting)
  2. Problem - what goes wrong?
  3. Solution - how do they make it right?
  4. Magic !
  5. Outcome (Happily ever after…)


WALT - sing the new school song.

Success criteria: Sing using the correct words and attempt to use the correct pitch.

Room 2 sang this beautifully, they used the correct volume and some of them hit some good notes whilst singing.  Keep on practicing room 2 and we could even get some of the moves into the song.--