CARE Values

We are learning to show the CARE value Excellence. One way we did this in Term 1 was to have a quick tidy up of the school grounds. We picked up heaps of rubbish, returned sports equipment and delivered things to lost property.

Our next step is do this by ourselves when we walk past some rubbish or sports equipment that is in the wrong place.


We are learning to use our knowledge of word families and blends to work out unknown words and spell words.

One game we play to help us with our reading and writing is 'Pass The Bomb'. We have cards with parts of words, word families (e.g ing) or blends (eg. bl). When the Bomb comes to you you have to say a word that has the letters on the card in it. If the Bomb goes off you have to keep the card. At the end of the game the people who don't have a card are the winner.

E.g. One card had 'bl' on it so we said words like black, blank, blast...

Our next step is to include some of the more challenging cards in the game.

Art Attack

Today we took part in an art workshop with Neil Shaskey. 

We were learning to: sketch a portrait. 

We showed we could do this when we could:

- Draw facial features the correct shape and size.
- Position facial features correctly.
- Use shading techniques.

We really enjoyed the workshop and were proud of the art work we produced. We thought the shading was hard but we didn't give up.