W.A.L.T: to jump over the 75 centimetre bar

I learned to do a scissors jump over the high jump bar.

here is a example of my learning
I used a scissor jump over the bar and I started on the right side of my leg

Next time I will try jump over a metre bar

Term 3 Maths - Rounding Numbers

W.A.L.T: round each number to the nearest ten and/or hundred

I learned to round the number up or down.

Here is a sample of my learning.
12 > 10
39 >40
145 > 150
404 >400

Next time I will round each number to the nearest 1 000.

Visual Art Term 2\3

W.A.L.T: To create a mosaic picture using pastel, Indian ink and chalk.

I learned to break my picture up into pieces with chalk.

Here is a sample of my learning
I drew a fish and I made it nice and colorful and I made it it pop. I also broke my picture into pieces using chalk.

Next time I will make my picture darker and make my chalk line thicker.

Te Reo.

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Te Reo.

I learned to introduce myself in Te Reo.

I achieved my goal because i learned to do my mihi of by heart.

Next time I will introduce my sister and parents.

E waru aku tau.
Ko libby toku ingoa
Ko waimakariri te awa
Ko Gillian toku mama
Ko Matthew toku papa

Reading Skills

W.A.L.T: Infer meaning from the text.

I learned to look at the pictures for clues.

I achieved my goal because I used punctuation in my reading.

Next time I will use more information from the text.

ANZAC Writing 2016

WALT is to writ a ANZAC narrative

I learned to do more punctuation so the sentences aren't to long and use more adjectives.

I achieved my goal because I used more adjectives to described my story and make it interesting.

Next time I will make my story interesting so the reader wants to read on.

I held my breath and helped my friend up of the ground.
I grabbed my silver gun and jumped into the disgusting water making a big splash.
I climbed the cliff and built a new trench because my old one got ruined from the poison gas.

Cross Country

WALT run 1.5km for Cross Country

I learned not to sprint at the start because then you get puffed half way and you can't run to the end.

I achieved my goal because I completed the Cross Country by showing resilience.

Next time I will jog more to save my energy.

Term 1 Reading - Tigers

WALT find and keep track of ideas and information in longer texts

Success Criteria

Find the main ideas from the text.

Write ideas down on the page.

Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

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