Instructional writing sample

WALT: write instructions

Success Criteria :
  • Title
  • Goal
  • List the materials and equipment
  • Steps in order
  • Action verbs

How to make popcorn.

To make popcorn.


·      Glue stick
·      Popcorn kernels
·      Popcorn maker
·      Bowl
·      Paper template
·      Scissors


   1.    Carefully cut around the template and fold neatly and glue the tabs down. This is to hold your popcorn.

   2.    Pour a cup of popcorn kernels in to the popcorn maker.

   3.    Plug the popcorn maker in very tight.

   4.    Wait for the popcorn to pop.

   5.    Share the yummy white popcorn around and you have made some yummy popcorn to eat also put the popcorn into your popcorn cup.

By Libby 

Very good writing Libby, you have met the success criteria.  Re-read your work to make sure all the sentences make sense. 

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